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What To Bring / Not To Bring


What to bring:

  • Your ticket! Treat it like gold!
  • Valid ID
  • Good Vibes & a positive attitude
  • A fully charged phone
  • Completely sealed or completely empty water bottle

What NOT to bring:

  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Professional camera equipment such as SLR’s, large lenses or any external equipment such as tripods, lighting setups etc. Small still cameras (for personal use only) and phones are permitted.
  • Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles or any other mode of wheeled transportation
  • Chairs
  • Anything studded or spiked (jackets, belts etc)
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Flares, fireworks or sparklers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Laser lights, laser pens, or lasers of any kind
  • Water Pistols
  • Dogs or other pets (service dogs accepted)
  • Sound systems/stereos
  • Eskies/coolers
  • Nitrous Oxide bulbs
  • Drones
  • Anything that could be potentially dangerous or disruptive- use common sense!
  • Inflatable furniture of any kind



There are numerous transport options for patrons to use to get to Spin Off 2019, including public and private transport.

Car Parking:

There are 3 paid car parks on Rose Terrace for the designated drivers. Please note that these paid car parks are not run by the organisers of Spin Off.

Uber & Passenger Pickups:

There will be a zone on Rose Tce designated for passenger pick ups/drop offs, including Uber. This should not be confused with the taxi zone, which is only for taxis.

Taxi Zone:

There will be a taxi zone on Rose Terrace.


There are numerous bus routes service the Wayville Showgrounds via Goodwood Rd and also services stopping on Greenhill Rd and Leader St that are within walking distance of the Showgrounds. Please visit the Adelaide Metro website for more information and timetables.


The Adelaide Showground stop falls on the City to Belair train route. Services on this route run every 25-35 minutes to and from the city. Please visit the Adelaide Metro website for more information and timetables.


Stop 3 (Goodwood Rd) is a short walk from the Wayville Showgrounds. Tram services run every 5-20 minutes to and from the city – Glenelg.

We recommend planning in advance how you will get home from Spin Off – there are plenty of options to choose from!

Travelling from interstate?

A bunch of flight, train, bus and driving options are available as well as accomodation and things to do and see while you’re here can be found: https://southaustralia.com/plan-your-trip/getting-here-and-around/



All attendees MUST bring valid ID to gain entry to Spin Off 2019. This isn’t just a ticketing requirement, it’s a legal requirement. Even with a valid ticket, you will not be admitted without ID. Please be advised that Spin Off is an All Ages Event. However a valid ID will be required for everyone.

The following types of ID will be accepted:

  • Current Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit
  • Current Proof of Age card
  • Current Passport

If you are under the age of 18, a student card can be accepted to verify your age but ONLY if it has your date of birth on it and name on it.

Pass Outs


There are no pass outs at Spin Off, so make sure you bring in everything you’ll need for the day (including a jumper for when the sun goes down!). Don’t forget – we do offer cloakroom services for those who don’t want to carry everything with them all day.



A VIP a ticket will help you skip lines on entry, bar, toilets and more so you can spend more time seeing your favourite acts!



All areas of the venue are accessible by ramps and lifts, and with the exception of one small grassed area, is asphalt or concrete floor.  Wheelchair-friendly toilets will be in multiple locations. There will be a viewing platform for the main stage. Disabled parking bays are also available. More information to become available closer to event day, or please feel free to contact info@fivefourentertainment.com.au.

Holders of a National or State issued Companion card may request a companion ticket equivalent to the ticket type held by the Companion Card holder. Upon approval of request, Spin Off will issue companions a complimentary ticket to the event to accompany a person with disability.

To request a Companion Card ticket, please email info@fivefourentertainment.com.au including the following details:

  • Name, email and mobile number for Companion Card holder requesting a companion card ticket.
  • A copy of your valid 2019 Spin Off Ticket/s, displaying your name / D.O.B / ticket number.
  • A scanned copy of the valid companion card being used.
  • Name, email and D.O.B of the carer.
  • The complimentary Companion Ticket will be issued via email direct to the care.

Service Animals and other animals that aid patrons with disabilities are allowed at this event. If you have any enquiries regarding access for people with a disability and facilities at the festival, please contact info@fivefourentertainment.com.au

Set Times and Map


Including site map, set times and food vendor details will become available closer to the event day.

Cloak Room / Lost Property


There will be a cloak service on site at Spin Off for a small fee. Spin Off takes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen property – you cloak at your own risk.

The information booth and cloak room is the place to go to hand in a lost item you’ve found at the event, or to see if someone has handed in an item lost by you or a friend.

Items not collected at the end of the night will be retained by the event organisers for 2 weeks after the event, after which time they will be discarded or donated to charity. Please email info@fivefourentertainment.com.au if you have lost something.

Food & Drinks


There will be multiple bars and plenty of food and snack on offer at Spin Off 2019 to be announced closer to event day. Plenty of options no matter what your preferences are!



Coopers brand new brew, XPA is coming soon in cans! Be the first to try the pre-release cans it at Spin Off 2019, before its available in-store to the general public in August. Coopers is proud to be the Official Beer Partner of Spin Off Festival 2019.


We (K Booch) are excited to be involved in our first Adelaide music festival. We will have our delicious Ginger & Lime + our Blood Orange Alcoholic Kombucha Served from all Bars. We cant wait for you to try us out!


If you’re searching for a good feed on the day, KFC’s Colonel Truck is churning out table’s full of delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken. Did we mention that it’s FREE?! With sittings every hour, make sure not to miss out. Chicken & Tunes. Bucket. Why not?


Work / Volunteer


Working at Spin Off

Apply to work in the bar at Spin Off here

Volunteering at Spin Off

Apply to volunteer at Spin Off here



Media Enquiries

For all media requests, please contact Scrabble PR or apply for accreditation here:

More Questions?

Please direct all enquiries to info@fivefourentertainment.com.au.